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We have Australia’s largest in-stock range of feathers and embellishments and we proudly supply to:

  • Milliners
  • Show Girls & Dancers
  • Brides & Wedding Planners
  • Fashion Designers & Jewelers
  • Fly Fishermen
  • Florists

Can’t see what you’re looking for? We will track it down for you! We pride ourselves on the best customer service in Australia and offer various shipment options including safe international shipping.

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New Arrivals // View All

  • New

    Hot Pink Parried Turkey 10 grams

  • New

    Natural Assorted Pheasant Plumage 10grams

  • New

    Natural Guinea Rounds 10 grams

  • New

    Turquoise Badger Strung per 10cm

  • New

    5 x Assorted Coloured Floral Bud Picks


Sale Items // View All

  • Sale

    10 x Brown Peacock Flight Wings

    $15.00  $9.95
  • Sale

    5 x Natural 8" to 10" Orange Tipped Lady Amherst

    $22.50  $9.95
  • Sale

    Burgundy Chinchilla Tiger Feather Pad

    $3.95  $1.97
  • Sale

    Dusty Pink Chinchilla Tiger Feather Pad

    $3.95  $1.97
  • Sale

    Green Chinchilla Tiger Feather Pad

    $3.95  $1.97

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Feathers, plumes and boas for weddings, celebrations, costumes, shows and productions

Feathers are nature’s most beautiful product, and compliment fashion , wedding table centerpieces , and of course stage shows and productions! We carry an assortment of feather plumes , ostrich feather plumes (including Peacock , Pheasant , Emu and more), white feathers , fans and embellishments imported from all over the world, and supply direct to the public as well as fashion designers and florists.

All our feathers are sourced to the highest standard possible, feathers are a fully natural product and perfection is near impossible

We supply feathers wholesale direct to the public


SHELLEY & THE TEAM at feather. :)


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